I Created A YouTube Channel!

Hey everyone!

It’ been a while since my last post. I Haven’t felt inspired at all and if I’m honest, I was lazy and just wasn’t bothered. I also went through a bit of a dry spell with makeup. I’ve only really worn it about 3 times since before my holiday (which btw was AMAZING).

So, for a while now I knew I wanted to set up a YouTube channel, I haven’t been great at posting on my Snapchat (I’ve actually been terrible at posting on my Snap!)  but I really do want to organise my time better so that I can put more effort into it. Anyway, back to the point, tonight, with A LOT of help from my sister, I recorded, edited & uploaded my first ever YouTube video! Well actually, Amy edited it, I just said ‘keep’ or ‘delete’.

It took so long to edit! We got it down from  about an hour, to just 14 minutes. I decided to do the ‘Sunset eye’ look that I did a while back, this was probably my most popular look and  my most sought after for a tutorial, and I also LOVE working with these colours!




So, rewind back to the recording of the video. I came home this morning from dropping Lee to school and decided Feck it, if not now, when. I tried to find the best spot in my room to record, taking into consideration the lighting, background and the absolute STATE of my bed, and also the dog sprawled out on the bed, which obviously meant I couldn’t make the bed because then I’d have to move her and that would be mean….

I was awkward in front of the camera, as I expected I would. The angles were vile and my face looked like a potato, but I stormed on through because I’m a survivor #FirstWorldProbs. There was about 30 minutes of footage of me literally staring at myself in the mirror, then  into the phone and back to the mirror. There were 3 points in the video where I was contemplating giving up, but something told me not to.

Although the video makes it look apparent that I’m a complete amateur, I am proud of myself. I put myself out there on the internet to be liked or disliked, built up or torn down and complimented or criticised. One thing we have to remember is we have to start somewhere. We learn as we go, and we improve the more times we do something. Very few people are perfect at something the first time they try it. That’s how we learn and improve! The majority of people on YouTube whether they’re successful or not, have really cringe-worthy content of when they first started off. I look forward to the day I can look back at my own first video and laugh at the complete and utter cringe of all 14 minutes of it. If you also wish to cringe at my video, here’s the link. (like & subsribe please!) —> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoJB1mFqzx4aCZX_FDFrfZg

If there is  something your heart is set on, go for it. No matter how big or small it may be. There is no room in this life for opinions that aren’t going to build you up, or help you grow.

As my Mam’s Uncle used to say, ” There’s only one um, Fxck um!”


Rebecca Xo




The Lows

I Hey everyone, It’s been a while!

I’m not entirely sure what to title this post as yet, nor am I entirely sure what I’m going to write. The plan is to write whatever I’m thinking and the elimination process can occur afterwards. 

Lately I haven’t been feeling very motivated or inspired about anything, so thinking of something to write about came as a challenge. Even tonight, I had to drag myself out to the car to get the laptop so I could write this. I’ve found that a lot lately, I’ve really had to force myself into things. I go from not being able to sleep, to only wanting to sleep. Depression has been a part of my life for a few years now and luckily I’ve only really had 2 or 3 very low stages. Sometimes I don’t know what brings it on, and sometimes I do. Since I moved to Kildare 10 years ago, I never really allowed myself to be open to making new friends. I was 14, had a boyfriend and a group of friends I had to leave behind. I moved to a new school for 2nd year, which I felt was an awkward year to be ‘new’. In 1st year, everyone mingles and finds who they click with, so when 2nd year comes around, most people have already established their groups. I hated everyone, and everything about kildare.

I don’t want to make this post about what happened years ago, so fast forward 2 years later, I met scott, and through him, I met Emma. We became really close, like sisters. Spent all of our time together. We were friends for 5 years before we fell out. People change, our lives change and we have to keep going. Fast forward  to the present, I find myself with nobody. It’s only really when the depression starts to creep back in and I’m desperate for someone to hear me out, that I realise just how alone I feel. Now of course I’m not really alone, but anybody who’s experienced depression will understand how it feels. I have a supportive family, as well as Scott’s family, a boyfriend who loves me and who has stuck by me through all of my low times, a healthy Son and on top of that all of the material things I’m lucky to have. 

The thing is with depression, when someone says they have nobody to talk to, the chances are they choose not to speak to the very people who are there. When things are good within life outside of how you’re feeling you think, ” well everyone is happy, I don’t want to go mess that up” or when things aren’t going so well you think ” well I dont want to add to that and make things worse”.

I try to be vocal about how I feel, but because I don’t have the huge group of friends, I dont know where to put how I feel. If I post on social media, I’ts taken down within minutes usually because I’m afraid of being branded an attention seeker. I hate burdening Scott because I feel like he’s heard the same shit for years now between self harm, eating disorders & depression. My best friend who I basically grew up with has a little boy now and lost her own mother only last year, it feels wrong to dump my mess on her. I don’t want to speak to family because things are good, why upset that? This is that feeling of ‘being a burden’. 

I have tried many things to occupy myself from how I feel. I do makeup, go for a walk, colour, clean my room, have a bath. Anything that will distract me from how I feel and prevent me from dealing with how I feel in the wrong way. Life has been so incredibly hard lately, waking up in the morning and thinking ” here we go again”. The smallest things are a struggle, trying to remain calm and positive and patient with Lee so he doesn’t think I’m horrible & leave him with memories of his mammy being a miserable git, or walking into a room full of people, feeling so self conscious and disgusting that all I want is the ground to swallow me up so I can disappear. Its hard.

Its like having dark shadow on your shoulder, constantly whispering negativity into your ear,reasons why you should be sad while you’re trying to fight back, but it wins, I’ts voice is louder than yours. 

I feel like this is my ‘safe place’ to put out how I feel. Somewhere to get it all out of my head. I find myself getting angry at people because they can’t help, and angry at life because I have to live with this dark cloud that I have to constantly fight. I have been in that place where I felt no hope, felt there was no way past this & tired of fighting and I completely understand why people feel like they have no other options. It isn’t always as easy as ”talk to someone” for reasons that I mentioned already . How many people who say “hope you’re okay” will actually follow up and see how you’re doing? and more importantly, who.  I know I’m not alone and there’s millions of people who have or are feeling the same way. Mental health is still very much taboo and it needs to change. What can we do?

This too, shall pass.

Rebecca xo

Friday Favourites – My Top 5 Favourite Highlighters

If you’re  like me, you LOVE a bit of highlight! It’s all about the highlight nowadays so I put together my top 5 favourite, affordable highlighters. There is some pink, gold, subtle and ‘ seen from space’ shades in there, one for every look! All of these can be bought in pharmacies or Penneys!  Let’s get started.




First up is the Catrice Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder. Some say this a dupe for Mac’s Soft & Gentle but I can’t back that up as I haven’t used the one from Mac. This is a gorgeous frosty pink shade. It is not extremely bright so it is ideal for your everyday makeup. When swatched, it does look more intense but when applied with a brush it isn’t as intense. This can be bought in Penneys/Primark and retails at €5.50. It can also be bought in any pharmacy stocking Catrice Cosmetics.


catrice no f

No Flash

cat fl

With Flash

Next is a new highlight to my kit from a brand called Note. This is a German company who are recently stocking in Ireland. Over 50 countries stock this brand such as Thailand & North America. Although this brand is not in many Pharmacies that I have come across as of yet, I have found one in Carlow called Sam McCauley’s. This is actually a bronzer but I do use it as a highlighter. It will probably be too dark for you if you have pale skin and don’t use a dark foundation shade. I would wear false tan quite often so when I use it with my darker foundation shade, it gives a gorgeous sun-kissed glow. A little goes a long way with this product as it is quite pigmented! This retails at €8.95 and comes in 2 shades.

note hi

note no fl

No Flash

note fl

With Flash

At Number 3, we have the Makeup Revolution  Vivid Baked Highlighter. OH EM GEE. I am OBSESSED. This is the ‘seen from space’ shade! This is one of my very favourite highlighter to wear. If you aren’t into the really intense glow, this ain’t for you! It is very hard to tone this one down. Be aware that with an intensely bright highlight, comes flashback. The dreaded flashback! If you are headed on a night out and don’t intend to have a camera flashing in your face then you’re good to go! This brand is relatively new and has really taken off. It is in most pharmacies now and their products are really affordable also. This highlighter comes in 3 shades and  is €3.99

mr hi

mr no fl

No Flash

mr w fl

With Flash

Next is the I Heart Makeup  Goddess Of Faith highlighter. This brand is also by Makeup Revolution and has highlighters, blushes, eye shadow palettes and lip glosses. This highlighter is similar to the Catrice one. It is more of a pink shade and a little more intense. This is more than likely found wherever there is a Makeup Revolution stand. There is also more shades in this highlighter. The price of this is €7.50


gof no f

No Flash

gof w fl

With Flash

Last, but certainly not least! My current go-to highlight is an eyeshadow from Inglot. This is the only highlight that is from a makeup store. Although it’s not a drugstore product, it is certainly affordable! Each Inglot eyeshadow costs only €6. This shadow is number 29 and it is a beautiful pink. ( calm down on the pink Becx! ) The colour pay off is fantastic and a little goes a long way! If there is no inglot stores where you live, all of their products are available online.


29 no f

No Flash

29 w fl

With Flash

So that concludes my first Friday Favourites post! I hope you enjoyed and found this helpful : )

Rebecca Xo

My Work Experience with Leah Moran Stage School- 11/March/17

Saturday just gone, I was given the opportunity to do  makeup for some of the girls taking part in the Broadway Challenge with Leah Moran stage school. I feel it’s important to experience different areas within the makeup industry, we’re spoiled for choice really! As a Makeup Artist, the more you know the better, the more you have under your belt the more opportunities you have available to you, even if it means doing a bit of work for free.

This year I decided I’m going to make something of myself, push myself, get out of my comfort zone, experience. I began by emailing Leah Moran to ask if it was possible to do some unpaid work for her to gain some experience behind the scenes in this particular area within the  makeup industry. I was emailed back by the lovely Sinead who offered me some work at their show the following Saturday. I was so excited but also really nervous! I was proud of myself for taking the first step by sending that email. 

stage sch

I arrived at the Killashee Hotel at 5:30pm, equally nervous and excited. The whole day I was wondering ‘what if’, completely freaking myself out. Not knowing what to expect but also knowing this was good for me. It’s good to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Shauna met me in the car park and showed me where to go. It was beautiful and sunny out and the room I was working in was full of windows, so you can imagine the lighting! All fellow MUA’s know lighting is everything. I set up and I began with my first client, Kayleigh shortly after. 

One of the main things I wanted to suss was my timing per each makeup application. As you may imagine, when preparing for a show, there’s hair, makeup, outfits and rehearsals along with a many more things that I’m unaware of, all to be done prior to show time! It was calm enough until about an hour in. It began to get hectic. More and more people were arriving, I then began to feel under pressure. It was up to me to get my job done so the girls could go onto their next job. I took approx 1 hr 30 min. Too long!


I began Shauna’s makeup next, knowing I was pushed for time, and still had another girl after her. She was in charge so if anyone had a question, they went to her. I ended up switching between Shauna and my last client as Shauna had to pop off and look after a few things. I managed to get my last 2 girls done in the same time it took me to do my first!

stage sc

The girls said I was more than welcome to stay and watch the show which was so nice of them! unfortunately I had to head home to Lee. Each of the three lovely girls threw me a few bob which was extremely unexpected and a lovely bonus to the whole experience! I also got my picture taken doing makeup by the photographer which I was really excited about as it is amazing to be associated with the show and the stage school itself! 

leah mor

I left the Killashee Hotel feeling so proud of myself that I felt the fear and did it anyway! If we never take risks, how will we know what could have come of it? What could that opportunity have brought us? I now have more of an idea of the setting and pace of doing makeup in this particular area and I can now work on that. One thing I remember my teacher Bla telling us in class, Makeup Artists are expected to have everything. I made sure I had bobbins, clips, wipes, anything anyone might need and I was glad when someone asked, I could provide. 

I enjoyed the experience so much and plan to grab any opportunity I’m thrown from now on and challenge myself. I encourage everyone to do the same. The feeling of accomplishment that comes after makes the fear and nerves totally worth it. 

Rebecca xo

My ‘Must Have’ Eye Makeup Brushes

There are some makeup brushes out there that we simply could not live without. Here is my top 5 holy grail eye  brushes that I use in almost every makeup application. I apologise for the condition of my brushes in the photos, they are well loved i’m sure you can tell!

Coming in at number 1, Inglot’s 6ss brush. I simply could not function without this brush. It retails at 20 euro and can be bought in any Inglot store or their website. It’s made from squirrel hair so its extremely soft and fluffy making it ideal for blending. This brush can also be used for cream products. You can’t have too many of these brushes!  I do feel this brush is quite expensive but it is worth it. When this brush is first bought it isn’t that fluffy but once washed it becomes a lot fluffier which is best for blending.


Inglot 6ss brush

Number 2 is Inglot’s 4ss brush. This brush is a larger version of the 6ss brush. It is great for creating a blown out eye look but for more concentrated looks this brush is a bit big for the eyes. Being squirrel hair also, it means it can be used for cream products. This brush has multiple uses. I would use this brush for creating a blown out eye look, for blending in concealer, applying my foundation or applying highlight. This brush retails at 22 euro, again it is quite pricey i feel for an eye brush but because of its many uses it could be seen as a face brush!


Inglot 4ss brush

Number 3 is the AYU angled brush. This brush can be purchased on their website. This brush is currently retailing at only 2 euro!!! This is my holy grail brow brush. It is also great for doing winged liner as the tip is so precise. 


AYU Angled brow brush

Up next is the Jessup short shader brush. This brush is a small, dense dome shape amazing for packing on colour. I would use this brush to pack colour onto the lid or darken the inner & outer corners of the eyes and also smudging liner. This can be bought on their website and retails at $4.68 (approx 4.40 in euro).

                       JESSUP    SHADERJessup short shader brush

Last but not least, yet another Inglot brush, the 10s brush. Made from sable hair and retailing at 18 euro. I love this brush for crease work and blending out smaller areas such as the outer corner of the eye or the inner corners for a spotlight eye. I find this brush works better on its side using light pressure. It is ideal for blending out liner and blending on the lower lid. 

10                                                             10S


Inglot 10s brush

Hope you enjoyed!

Rebecca xo

Teen Parents – Only the strong survive 

Hey everyone,

The topic I’m writing about today is one I feel is important. Nowadays, being a teen parent is not uncommon, in fact, it’s almost becoming ‘the norm’. Personally, it’s more strange to see a lady in her 30’s pregnant than it is to see a girl with a bump in her late teens or early 20’s walking around with a bump.

I fell pregnant at 16, my boyfriend was 17, it was June and we were together just shy of a year before I got pregnant. It was terrifying. I’m not going to get in to telling the full story, if that’s something people would like to see I will do up another blog post solely on that. This post is about the toll it takes on a relationship, my relationship. I can’t speak for anyone else and I can only speak about my experience. Myself and Scott had good year together before I got pregnant and things seemed okay, we were happy. When I was 7 weeks, we broke up. It was nasty. Again, I can only speak for myself, but it was one of the most emotionally painful times I had ever experienced. At the beginning the pain I felt was for me, how could we break up when were having a baby together? how can he just not love me anymore?. After a while the pain I felt was for the baby, I was so afraid of the baby growing up with no dad. Of course that was not the case, just because we were not together did not mean Scott wouldn’t be involved.    blog becx.jpg

By January, a month before the baby arrived myself and Scott had got back together. It felt great, knowing the baby would have his parents together. We were still young and immature, we didn’t always see eye to eye and we didn’t always understand how each other were feeling as all of these new emotions and experiences were new to us. When you become a parent there are things you have to consider and think about that you never even knew about. Things got difficult sometimes when it came to discussing big decisions such as play schools, primary schools, even secondary schools! We had different opinions on which secondary school he should go to yet Lee hadn’t even started play school! We had opened ourselves up for an argument that didn’t even need to happen, whats the point in deciding something there and then that didn’t actually need to be discussed for a good few years! You will find that may happen for a lot of things as your kid(s) grow up, you may not always agree and it is hard, especially when you have your own idea of what way you would like things to be, but remember your partner is thinking the same thing. Chose your battles, ask yourself is it worth the threat of an argument? Does it really need to be discussed yet? Is it really important?. Having to act like an adult when you technically aren’t an adult is very difficult! I mean, how do you know how to be one when you aren’t one? We struggled with that a lot, dealing with adult situations and trying to find our way. Luckily we both have amazing, supportive families and we were never left without a helping hand.

becx blog.jpg


Trying to maintain our relationship as well as being parents was hard work, still is. Not just for us, or for teen parents, but for any parents! Your life becomes consumed with attending to your little persons needs, housework, jobs and life itself. It’s very easy to fall into the routine of just being parents and losing who you are as individuals. Recently that’s where myself and Scott are. It is so important to make time for each other without your kid(s). Simple things such as date nights, once a week, once a month, twice a week, to hell with it three times a week if you can! Of course it depends on how busy your life is, but you need to make time for each other, listen to each other and be willing to compromise and also allow the other person have a life  beyond being a mother/father and being a boyfriend/girlfriend.We will be together 8 years in June this year. 8 years!! I don’t think we give ourselves enough credit for getting to where we are today and having very few breaks from our relationship in between. We have faced a number of obsticles and fought through and fixed a number of issues and we both still remain in love and wanting to continue to fight for each other. As Scott says, “couples fight, but it’s who you want to fight with for the rest of your life that counts”. I would rather fight for us, than choose someone new. It CAN be done, but you have to want it and work hard for it.

blog .jpg

So in conclusion, my advice for any young parents out there who are in, or are about to find themselves in a similar situation is to;

  • Be patient
  • Listen to each other
  • Be respectful
  • Compromise
  • Create a balance
  • Don’t plan too far ahead
  • Enjoy the experience


Rebecca xo







How I Got Into Makeup

Hey everyone, I wanted to do a post on how I got into makeup. Hope you enjoy!


I never really was mad about makeup when I was younger. I started wearing makeup in first year, so i was around 13, and by makeup I mean foundation… that’s it, maybe some black eyeliner on my waterline, you know, if I was feeling adventurous. Not a brow in sight until i was 20, I used a black eyeshadow to fill in the thin line of brow that i had. HORRENDOUS. On my 21st birthday my Aunty Sandra got me the Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay. I was so excited! When I got around to actually using it I remember saying to myself “what the hell do I do with these”. My best friend at the time was makeup mad, so I was quite blessed she was there to guide me in the right direction. It wasn’t until I got that palette that I realised how much I loved doing makeup. I would spend hours watching YouTube videos, knowing I could never do half of the looks, but I just loved to watch them being done. 

Whenever I had free time, I would practise. When I felt inspired, I would practise. My friend Emma, the makeup wizard, had so much makeup, like crazy amounts compared to my one foundation (that didn’t match my neck with OR without tan), my one eye shadow palette, a disgusting pink lipstick and about 6 makeup brushes. They were Real Techniques brushes which I still love and are actually really good so at least I wasn’t a complete disaster! We went into Dublin one day to Brown Thomas and I purchased my first ever Mac product. Ruby Woo, an unbelieveably beautiful red lipstick. From then on i was hooked.

                         Image may contain: 1 person       Image may contain: 1 person, selfie and closeup

                                   ‘Winged liner & Red Lip’  July 2015 Vs February 2017

Gradually over 2 years I built a good collection of makeup, mostly made up of Mac and Inglot. Where would we be without Inglot though seriously? I did 2 makeup courses in total, and one of them I only finished in January this year. My makeup skills have improved a great amount in 3 years and that is down to hard work and dedication. Whenever I would see a look I loved and wanted to recreate, I would feel so frustrated that I couldn’t get it but I would try over and over again until I did. Still to this day, it bugs me if I can’t do a certain look but the feeling of finally mastering it is unbelievable.

               No automatic alt text available.  Image may contain: one or more people and closeup

                                                ‘Smokey eye’ Dec 2013 Vs Feb 2017

Makeup is a skill. You don’t just wake up one morning and be amazing at playing guitar. You are given the tools and it is up to you what you do with them. You have to work hard, you have to practise, you have to want it. It’s the same for anything, if you want it, work for it. Makeup is my passion, I have put so much work and invested time and money on courses and products to get me to where I am. I want to be as good as I can possibly be, and better.

So whatever it may be, whatever you love to do, never ever let yourself or anyone make you feel discouraged. Maybe today you aren’t as good as you would like to be, but imagine where you could be in a years time?

                                                                 Rebecca xo

       Image may contain: 2 people            Image may contain: one or more people and closeup

                                            ‘Dramatic look’ May 2015 Vs Jan 2017 


Here’s a throwback!!! My first ever blog post from April 2013!

This blog post was written on 05/04/2013

Okay not sure where to start or what to do here but I’ll give it a go!

Basically I’m 19, living in Kildare ( really a dub) & I have a two year old little boy, Lee.

I fell pregnant at just 16. I was with my boyfriend Scott (17) just shy of a year when we found out I was pregnant. Although I knew my parents wouldn’t disown me, it was the one of the hardest and most terrifying experiences telling my mam. I told her via text about an hour after we took the test, well 5 tests to be precise. I don’t regret how I told her, even though some people looked down apon the fact I told her through a text message, I have complete respect for my mam but couldn’t bare th thought of disappointing her.

The following few weeks were rough, intense, awkward, stressful and to make matters worse, my nanny was in her last few weeks of Life. My parents were constantly running up and down to Tallaght hospital, leaving me home alone most nights. I kind of liked it though, I had time to get my head round the fact I was going to have a baby at age 17, the age I was supposed to be out trying to get into nightclubs. There was no fuss & no attention on me whatsoever, rightly so. I wasn’t terminally ill, I was just pregnant, right?

3 days before I turned 12 weeks, my nanny passed away, leaving us all empty. She was the 6th member of our family and did everything with us. I strongly believe that things happened the way they did and when they did for a reason, It put everything into perspective, on one hand there was me, pregnant at 16, still in school and no job, not an ideal situation of course, but was it really the worst thing in the world? No, of course not. Then there was my nanny, losing her fight against cancer.

My nanny never found out I was pregnant, we felt she would feel like she was leaving more behind . I know she would be crazy about Lee, it hurts me so much that their lives never crossed. Things went pretty much downhill from then on. For 3 weeks after the funeral I was getting abusive phone calls, texts, bebo messages from Scott’s new girlfriend & her friends, pretty pathetic, as soon as the news broke she left him, as If I didn’t see that coming…

Myself & Scott had very little contact after that, whatever contact we did have was usually an argument. I went through my first 5 months of the pregnancy with the support of family & friends, I was finally getting over Scott. The thoughts of what life would be like for us when the baby arrived wasn’t on my mind, visitation etc, I had just assumed he wanted nothing to do with it. That was okay with me, I called the shots, nobody would get in my way & as for help, I had plenty of family & friends basically throwing themselves at me!

It was a Tuesday night, about 10:30, after literally only mentioning his name, I got a text. A text that made me feel very excited yet prepared for more disappointed. The text was from Scott, telling me how he’s changed, how he wants to prove it, he wanted another chance. I got that feeling where I was so happy to hear this from him, but i couldn’t admit it, I was determined not to let my guard down. Things progressed within the next few months, I had decided to give him one more chance, solely on the fact I was hopeful. We gradually became closer.my parents weren’t keen at the start, only for my sake. January 8th 2011 we got back together. After 12 hours of Labour, February 20th 2011 @ 08:26, Lee Kayden Bevins was born. My mam was with me for most of the labour & delivery, I knew when Scott finally got to come in & see him, he was gutted he wasn’t there to experience the birth with me. I really felt guilty but it was me delivering & I needed someone who knew what it was like. He knew from the day we started talking again that my mam was going to be in with me.Two days later it was home time. First stop was Scott’s house. We were greeted by all his family, friends & neighbours. I was on such a high but equally exhausted, things were hitting home, he’s really here! I had my first meltdown when I realised I had forgotten the teets for the bottles, screaming baby, noisy people, I was completely over whelmed. The baby blues officially hit!

When Lee was 6 weeks old I went into post natal depression, spent a few weekends away in Limerick with my aunty just to get my head around everything. It really helped & I got through it, but I still feel guilty I missed those few weeks of Baby time. It doesn’t last long! I decided not to go back to school that year as I only had 4 weeks left until summer. October in 6 th year I had decided not to continue with my leaving cert year. I missed a lot of school in 5th year due to snow & being pregnant, I was extremely overwhelmed with what I had to catch up on & finding the time to do it. It was A very difficult decision, but I was living in Kildare and going to school in Dublin, it was tough. When I got home from school, had dinner & did homework, I had no time for Lee. I know a lot if teen parents finish school, I know it’s possible, it just wasn’t for me at that time.

Today, Lee is two and a month & a bit, a lot of work, and myself & Scott will be together 4 years in June.
Things are looking up right now, I think writing these blogs will help as a coping mechanism, life as a teen and a mommy is pretty hectic after all!

I know this is very long, so many things flying around my head I’d like to write about, I’ll leave it at that for this one 😉

Becx X

First blog post

So, am I an influencer yet??

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while now, it seems like everyone has a blog these days. I know in a few months time i’ll look back on this first post and squirm at the cringe, the cringe of it all! 😵 Please go easy on me until I get the hang of this!

Okay, so I suppose I’ll say a bit about myself. I’m Rebecca, I’m 23, a daughter, sister, girlfriend and a mother of a 6 year old little boy named Lee. I live at home with my parents and two dogs, oh and my two sisters too… We moved from Dublin to Suncroft, Kildare in October 2007, the back arse of nowhere, so it felt! At 16, I got myself in a pickle (my boyfriend helped…) and fell pregnant, then in February 2011 at age 17, I had a little boy. I’m a qualified beauty therapist but makeup is my passion. I want to be a rich and well known Makeup artist when I grow up, 23 isn’t grown up, is it?

I don’t really know yet if this blog will have specific content, makeup etc, or just be a ‘whatever comes to mind’ sort of thing. I’ll go with the flow for the time being.

I’ll leave it at that for my first post, very boring I apologise 😅 I’m hoping to AT LEAST have one blog post up a week & I hope you stick around to have a read

Personal Instagram: Becks__bevins
– Makeup Instagram: Rebeccabevinsmua

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