My ‘Must Have’ Eye Makeup Brushes

There are some makeup brushes out there that we simply could not live without. Here is my top 5 holy grail eye  brushes that I use in almost every makeup application. I apologise for the condition of my brushes in the photos, they are well loved i’m sure you can tell!

Coming in at number 1, Inglot’s 6ss brush. I simply could not function without this brush. It retails at 20 euro and can be bought in any Inglot store or their website. It’s made from squirrel hair so its extremely soft and fluffy making it ideal for blending. This brush can also be used for cream products. You can’t have too many of these brushes!  I do feel this brush is quite expensive but it is worth it. When this brush is first bought it isn’t that fluffy but once washed it becomes a lot fluffier which is best for blending.


Inglot 6ss brush

Number 2 is Inglot’s 4ss brush. This brush is a larger version of the 6ss brush. It is great for creating a blown out eye look but for more concentrated looks this brush is a bit big for the eyes. Being squirrel hair also, it means it can be used for cream products. This brush has multiple uses. I would use this brush for creating a blown out eye look, for blending in concealer, applying my foundation or applying highlight. This brush retails at 22 euro, again it is quite pricey i feel for an eye brush but because of its many uses it could be seen as a face brush!


Inglot 4ss brush

Number 3 is the AYU angled brush. This brush can be purchased on their website. This brush is currently retailing at only 2 euro!!! This is my holy grail brow brush. It is also great for doing winged liner as the tip is so precise. 


AYU Angled brow brush

Up next is the Jessup short shader brush. This brush is a small, dense dome shape amazing for packing on colour. I would use this brush to pack colour onto the lid or darken the inner & outer corners of the eyes and also smudging liner. This can be bought on their website and retails at $4.68 (approx 4.40 in euro).

                       JESSUP    SHADERJessup short shader brush

Last but not least, yet another Inglot brush, the 10s brush. Made from sable hair and retailing at 18 euro. I love this brush for crease work and blending out smaller areas such as the outer corner of the eye or the inner corners for a spotlight eye. I find this brush works better on its side using light pressure. It is ideal for blending out liner and blending on the lower lid. 

10                                                             10S


Inglot 10s brush

Hope you enjoyed!

Rebecca xo


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