My Work Experience with Leah Moran Stage School- 11/March/17

Saturday just gone, I was given the opportunity to do  makeup for some of the girls taking part in the Broadway Challenge with Leah Moran stage school. I feel it’s important to experience different areas within the makeup industry, we’re spoiled for choice really! As a Makeup Artist, the more you know the better, the more you have under your belt the more opportunities you have available to you, even if it means doing a bit of work for free.

This year I decided I’m going to make something of myself, push myself, get out of my comfort zone, experience. I began by emailing Leah Moran to ask if it was possible to do some unpaid work for her to gain some experience behind the scenes in this particular area within the  makeup industry. I was emailed back by the lovely Sinead who offered me some work at their show the following Saturday. I was so excited but also really nervous! I was proud of myself for taking the first step by sending that email. 

stage sch

I arrived at the Killashee Hotel at 5:30pm, equally nervous and excited. The whole day I was wondering ‘what if’, completely freaking myself out. Not knowing what to expect but also knowing this was good for me. It’s good to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Shauna met me in the car park and showed me where to go. It was beautiful and sunny out and the room I was working in was full of windows, so you can imagine the lighting! All fellow MUA’s know lighting is everything. I set up and I began with my first client, Kayleigh shortly after. 

One of the main things I wanted to suss was my timing per each makeup application. As you may imagine, when preparing for a show, there’s hair, makeup, outfits and rehearsals along with a many more things that I’m unaware of, all to be done prior to show time! It was calm enough until about an hour in. It began to get hectic. More and more people were arriving, I then began to feel under pressure. It was up to me to get my job done so the girls could go onto their next job. I took approx 1 hr 30 min. Too long!


I began Shauna’s makeup next, knowing I was pushed for time, and still had another girl after her. She was in charge so if anyone had a question, they went to her. I ended up switching between Shauna and my last client as Shauna had to pop off and look after a few things. I managed to get my last 2 girls done in the same time it took me to do my first!

stage sc

The girls said I was more than welcome to stay and watch the show which was so nice of them! unfortunately I had to head home to Lee. Each of the three lovely girls threw me a few bob which was extremely unexpected and a lovely bonus to the whole experience! I also got my picture taken doing makeup by the photographer which I was really excited about as it is amazing to be associated with the show and the stage school itself! 

leah mor

I left the Killashee Hotel feeling so proud of myself that I felt the fear and did it anyway! If we never take risks, how will we know what could have come of it? What could that opportunity have brought us? I now have more of an idea of the setting and pace of doing makeup in this particular area and I can now work on that. One thing I remember my teacher Bla telling us in class, Makeup Artists are expected to have everything. I made sure I had bobbins, clips, wipes, anything anyone might need and I was glad when someone asked, I could provide. 

I enjoyed the experience so much and plan to grab any opportunity I’m thrown from now on and challenge myself. I encourage everyone to do the same. The feeling of accomplishment that comes after makes the fear and nerves totally worth it. 

Rebecca xo


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