Friday Favourites – My Top 5 Favourite Highlighters

If you’re  like me, you LOVE a bit of highlight! It’s all about the highlight nowadays so I put together my top 5 favourite, affordable highlighters. There is some pink, gold, subtle and ‘ seen from space’ shades in there, one for every look! All of these can be bought in pharmacies or Penneys!  Let’s get started.




First up is the Catrice Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder. Some say this a dupe for Mac’s Soft & Gentle but I can’t back that up as I haven’t used the one from Mac. This is a gorgeous frosty pink shade. It is not extremely bright so it is ideal for your everyday makeup. When swatched, it does look more intense but when applied with a brush it isn’t as intense. This can be bought in Penneys/Primark and retails at €5.50. It can also be bought in any pharmacy stocking Catrice Cosmetics.


catrice no f

No Flash

cat fl

With Flash

Next is a new highlight to my kit from a brand called Note. This is a German company who are recently stocking in Ireland. Over 50 countries stock this brand such as Thailand & North America. Although this brand is not in many Pharmacies that I have come across as of yet, I have found one in Carlow called Sam McCauley’s. This is actually a bronzer but I do use it as a highlighter. It will probably be too dark for you if you have pale skin and don’t use a dark foundation shade. I would wear false tan quite often so when I use it with my darker foundation shade, it gives a gorgeous sun-kissed glow. A little goes a long way with this product as it is quite pigmented! This retails at €8.95 and comes in 2 shades.

note hi

note no fl

No Flash

note fl

With Flash

At Number 3, we have the Makeup Revolution  Vivid Baked Highlighter. OH EM GEE. I am OBSESSED. This is the ‘seen from space’ shade! This is one of my very favourite highlighter to wear. If you aren’t into the really intense glow, this ain’t for you! It is very hard to tone this one down. Be aware that with an intensely bright highlight, comes flashback. The dreaded flashback! If you are headed on a night out and don’t intend to have a camera flashing in your face then you’re good to go! This brand is relatively new and has really taken off. It is in most pharmacies now and their products are really affordable also. This highlighter comes in 3 shades and  is €3.99

mr hi

mr no fl

No Flash

mr w fl

With Flash

Next is the I Heart Makeup  Goddess Of Faith highlighter. This brand is also by Makeup Revolution and has highlighters, blushes, eye shadow palettes and lip glosses. This highlighter is similar to the Catrice one. It is more of a pink shade and a little more intense. This is more than likely found wherever there is a Makeup Revolution stand. There is also more shades in this highlighter. The price of this is €7.50


gof no f

No Flash

gof w fl

With Flash

Last, but certainly not least! My current go-to highlight is an eyeshadow from Inglot. This is the only highlight that is from a makeup store. Although it’s not a drugstore product, it is certainly affordable! Each Inglot eyeshadow costs only €6. This shadow is number 29 and it is a beautiful pink. ( calm down on the pink Becx! ) The colour pay off is fantastic and a little goes a long way! If there is no inglot stores where you live, all of their products are available online.


29 no f

No Flash

29 w fl

With Flash

So that concludes my first Friday Favourites post! I hope you enjoyed and found this helpful : )

Rebecca Xo


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