I Created A YouTube Channel!

Hey everyone!

It’ been a while since my last post. I Haven’t felt inspired at all and if I’m honest, I was lazy and just wasn’t bothered. I also went through a bit of a dry spell with makeup. I’ve only really worn it about 3 times since before my holiday (which btw was AMAZING).

So, for a while now I knew I wanted to set up a YouTube channel, I haven’t been great at posting on my Snapchat (I’ve actually been terrible at posting on my Snap!)  but I really do want to organise my time better so that I can put more effort into it. Anyway, back to the point, tonight, with A LOT of help from my sister, I recorded, edited & uploaded my first ever YouTube video! Well actually, Amy edited it, I just said ‘keep’ or ‘delete’.

It took so long to edit! We got it down from  about an hour, to just 14 minutes. I decided to do the ‘Sunset eye’ look that I did a while back, this was probably my most popular look and  my most sought after for a tutorial, and I also LOVE working with these colours!




So, rewind back to the recording of the video. I came home this morning from dropping Lee to school and decided Feck it, if not now, when. I tried to find the best spot in my room to record, taking into consideration the lighting, background and the absolute STATE of my bed, and also the dog sprawled out on the bed, which obviously meant I couldn’t make the bed because then I’d have to move her and that would be mean….

I was awkward in front of the camera, as I expected I would. The angles were vile and my face looked like a potato, but I stormed on through because I’m a survivor #FirstWorldProbs. There was about 30 minutes of footage of me literally staring at myself in the mirror, then  into the phone and back to the mirror. There were 3 points in the video where I was contemplating giving up, but something told me not to.

Although the video makes it look apparent that I’m a complete amateur, I am proud of myself. I put myself out there on the internet to be liked or disliked, built up or torn down and complimented or criticised. One thing we have to remember is we have to start somewhere. We learn as we go, and we improve the more times we do something. Very few people are perfect at something the first time they try it. That’s how we learn and improve! The majority of people on YouTube whether they’re successful or not, have really cringe-worthy content of when they first started off. I look forward to the day I can look back at my own first video and laugh at the complete and utter cringe of all 14 minutes of it. If you also wish to cringe at my video, here’s the link. (like & subsribe please!) —> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoJB1mFqzx4aCZX_FDFrfZg

If there is  something your heart is set on, go for it. No matter how big or small it may be. There is no room in this life for opinions that aren’t going to build you up, or help you grow.

As my Mam’s Uncle used to say, ” There’s only one um, Fxck um!”


Rebecca Xo